• Our Solution to Your Pollution

Advanced Microbiology Solutions

Using Earth’s Natural Microbes to Help Keep
Our Environment Clean, Green and Healthy

In accordance with current environmental laws and goals, Alpha Omega remediates non-radioactive contaminated soils, ground water, and surface water through the safe and effective use of organic, non-toxic, indigenous microbial formulations. Our proprietary process can mitigate and dramatically reduce harmful contaminants, restoring land and water to safe and usable levels. Alpha Omega’s natural, organic approach of reversing the toxic effects of pollution and waste sets the standard for the restoration industry.

Although the use of microbes to dissolve toxic chemicals into harmless byproducts is a relatively new concept in today’s restoration market, Alpha Omega proudly builds on the 100 percent success rate of its predecessor, Lambda Bioremediation Systems (LBSI), who has provided full-service microbial solutions for over 30 years.

No other restoration technology has the 100 percent success rate that Alpha Omega has regardless of the arena–

  • brownfield restoration
  • toxic disasters including superfund sites
  • acid mine drainage
  • fossil fuels, volatile and semi-volatile hydrocarbons
  • heavy metals
  • chemicals, PCBs
  • grease, BTEX
  • agriculture /animal husbandry.

Mine Management Plus

Acid Mine Drainage, Bio-leaching, Coal Fines, Bio-Transformation, Scrubbing

Enviro-Management Plus

Industrial Mixed Waste (Fossil fuels, volatile and semi-volatile hydrocarbons, heavy metals, chemicals, PCBs, etc.)

Mine Management Plus

Acid Mine Drainage, Bio-leaching, Coal Fines, Bio-Transformation, Scrubbing

Agri-Management Plus

Agricultural Non-Point Source Pollution (soil amendment and conditioner, manure and fertilizer, sludge lagoons, manure, poultry, cattle, pig, etc.)

Hydro-Management Plus

Algal Blooms (blue green, red, brown) and Eutrophication

Greenhouse Gas Management

Methane/ Landfill Leachate

Bioremediation – (to remedy or remediate using living organisms) remediating contaminants of concern (“COC’s”) using living organisms – is the oldest technology in the world. Nature has successfully employed it since life began on earth. You see it all the time – decomposition of dead plants and animals, nutrients in the soil that make your grass green and your trees, flowers, shrubs and veggies grow and natural watering by the morning dew. All of these and millions more you never see are happening all the time. Microbes and Plants can remove COC’s and clean our water and soil, unless the system is over-loaded by the COC’s and needs a little help from us.