Manure Management Plus

Manure Management Plus - Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know MMP will work for my barns?

Fill out a questionnaire and supply a Bio-Solids Survey or Manure Analysis Report for our microbiologist to review. This information will tell us the manure moisture content, pH, nutrient levels as well as other pertinent data that will assist us in determining the proper amount to apply for your treatment success.

How does the MMP actually work to control ammonia and odors?

By applying billions of beneficial microbes that are found in healthy manure, they out-compete the microbes that release the ammonia or other odors. By maintaining a balance between pH and moisture, the microbes in MMP actually 'target' ammonia, H2S and other odors to reduce them to acceptable levels.

Can I use insecticides before or after applying MMP?

NO. Insecticides or pesticides will harm or eliminate our beneficial microbial population.

How long does an MMP application last?

We can see an application of MMP last for up to 40 days; but in case studies, typical applications last for 30 days.

How is MMP applied?

MMP can be applied through any air agitated spray device such as a pump up sprayer, back-pack leaf blower with liquid applicator attachment or central spray system. Due to the microbial nature of MMP, a thermal fogger is not recommended.

What part of the month do I apply MMP?

It may be easiest to remember to apply the MMP on either the first day or the last day of the month. Staying on or near a regular 30 day schedule is a critical factor.

How much does it cost?

Complete an MMP Dosage Calculator to find the actual amount of MMP to apply. This data is necessary to calculate the initial and ongoing costs. Each and every situation is different due to varying factors such as size of barn/building, existing manure characteristics, size of flock, etc.