Agri Management Plus

Agri-Management Plus


Safe, All-Natural Approach to Bringing Balance to Your Manure Management Program
(Article: The Microbial Nitrogen Cycles)

Chicken Manure provides a good source of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium for crop production. Because manure is a concentrated source of these nutrients, proper management of this resource has become an environmental concern. Refining commercial fertilizer and manure applications can have a major impact on a farm's bottom line, as well as on the water quality of nearby ponds or streams.

What is MMP—Manure Management Plus?

Manure Management Plus is an all-natural, all-organic nutrient management additive product that eliminates or absorbs a wide range of organic odors and boosts, maintains or reduces specific nutrients on poultry manure piles. MMP can be formulated to reduce phosphorus, nitrogen and ammonia levels or pH prior to field application of manure. All of this can be achieved without actual degradation of the total amount of manure treated.

Manure Management Plus reduces ammonia along with other organic odors associated with manure. Studies have shown that flies, darkling beetles and other pests will migrate away from piles treated with MMP due to the reduction of odors that attract them to lay their eggs at one of their favorite food sources.

Manure Management Plus...

  1. Degrades ammonia in feed lots, chicken houses and barns
  2. Degrades dead organic matter on straw, litter, etc.
  3. Restores beneficial natural organisms destroyed by chemical additives.
  4. Fixes (stabilizes) nitrogen, phosphate and potassium.
  5. Provides ongoing, all-natural, balanced nutrient base and proper pH balance. MMP naturally reduces and/or eliminates over-production of ammonia (odor) and hydrogen sulfide.

MMP’s all-natural, all-organic, Biosafety Level 1 nutrient management additive is based on microbial technology. Each individual microbe that makes up our proprietary consortia is approved by the EPA and CDC. All microbes used in MMP are non-genetically engineered indigenous microbes that are safe for the environment, humans, plants and animals.

Fact: MMP microbes are non-pathogenic, found naturally occurring and extremely beneficial to the balance of the manure to which they are applied.

The reason that barn environments become unhealthy is because they are chemically out of balance. In trying to maintain a healthy barn environment, overuse of pesticides and other chemicals can actually negatively impact the balance that nature would otherwise seek naturally. MMP is the remedy to help manure return to its normal homeostasis, or balance. By balancing pH, odors from ammonia are substantially reduced, as are levels of hydrogen sulfide and other contaminants. An environment that was formerly hostile to poultry is transformed into a healthy environment that promotes increased egg production and healthier stock.

Applied in recommended quantities, MMP provides a boost to existing microbial populations, returning them to normal levels until they can maintain themselves naturally on an ongoing basis in a stable environment.

Insects thrive in high pH and high ammonia levels, and contaminants are what feed them. MMP microbes work cooperatively to adjust pH and reduce ammonia. When these levels are properly balanced, large insect populations must relocate or die. This is a function of natural selection - insects will leave the environment that no longer supports their vitality. Insect population reduction from MMP is merely an unintended benefit and by-product of having a healthy, balanced barn environment.

In most cases, a single application every 30-40 days per house is sufficient. To achieve nutrient management goals, application rates are calculated using a formula that factors the cubic feet of the area to be treated with additional data derived from a manure analysis or bio-solids survey. All of the information requested for our analysis is critical in preparing a complete Manure Management Program.

In applying MMP to manure piles, it is recommended that an air fogger or mister be used. Due to the microbial nature of MMP, a thermal fogger is not recommended.

Manure Management Plus FAQs


Soil Management Plus, is an organic soil amendment and conditioner promoting a healthy environment for plants, as an alternative to agricultural chemicals.  It consists of a consortium of bacteria, fungus, algae and protozoa, all classified as bio-safety level one under the U.S. Public Health Service risk classification guidelines.  In addition, each microbe is independently approved by the US EPA.

The basic formulation has been used for more than 20 years on soil and fresh water reclamation sites and on residential yards and gardens to replace the natural micro-ecosystems destroyed by chemical pesticides and other chemical additives.  Since Soil Management Plus is a balanced consortium of specially selected bacteria, fungus, protozoa and algae, it is self-sustaining and long-lasting, requiring only one or two applications per season depending upon climate. 

Soil Management Plus contains the microbes that provide and fix nitrogen, potassium, phosphorous, and trace elements in the proper amounts to maintain easily ingested food without fertilizer burn or pond eutrophication and increases earthworm populations necessary for soil aeration.  It is safe for use on farm animals such as horses and cattle, and is safe for birds, dogs, cats, and other domestic animals and pets.  Farms with crop fertilizer, pesticide and herbicide run-off and/or livestock manure on soils or in manure storage lagoons, receiving waters such as creeks, streams or rivers with run-off from farms, industries, mines, sewage treatment plants and storm water drains as well are all candidates for treatment with soil management formulations.

Soil Management Plus increases soil fertility and supports a balanced eco-system that by its nature controls insect pests with no adverse effects to plants, animals, humans or beneficial insects.  The ecological rebalancing of soil and fresh water micro-ecosystems renews over time..  For the past 18 years, there has been no indication of toxicity or ecological damage – only improved soil and fresh water quality.  

Soil Management Plus has been used on over 100 residential properties, 5 country clubs, municipalities, parks, greenhouses, ranches, farms, and orchards, as well as industrial complexes and waste water treatment plants, in over 28 states as well as commercial and residential areas in Canada, all with significant increases in quality of soil and ground cover or crops.