All Natural Solution

What makes Alpha different from its competitors:

Uses only ATCC Biosafety Level 1 microbes – safe for humans, animals, plants – no genetically engineered microbes.

  • Biosafety Level 1 classification is based on assessment of the potential risk using U.S. Public Health Service guidelines with assistance provided by ATCC scientific advisory committees. Items in Biosafety Level 1 have no known potential to cause disease in humans or animals and are harmless to plants and beneficial insects such as honey bees, dragonflies, etc.
  • Alpha Omega never uses engineered microbes as they have the potential to introduce alien, and possibly uncontrollable, organisms that can have an unintended effect on the ecosystem.
  • Microbes in consortia are each approved by USEPA, Environment Canada and regulatory agencies worldwide.

Uses only ATCC Biosafety Level 1 microbes – safe for humans, animals, plants – no genetically engineered microbes.

  • Ease of transportation to site in tanker trucks, drums or 5-gallon containers.
  • Consortium is shipped in liquid form, for immediate application upon arrival at site.
  • Shipped under Category Class 60 – all-natural agricultural food product.

Uses indigenous, all-natural microbes that return to normal carrying capacity once contaminant source is gone.

  • Microbes used are commonly found in soil and fresh water and salt water, in ecological balance called “carrying capacity” and that are indigenous to site.
  • Alpha Omega’s system maintains Mother Nature’s Negative Feedback System (normal life cycle) rather than disrupting it.

Adaptable to any site regardless of terrain and changing conditions without artificially changing existing site properties.

  • No special equipment or precautions are necessary.
  • Monitored closely to ensure that products are in balance with indigenous site characteristics prior to shipping.
  • Long-lasting, continues to work regardless of wet or dry weather.
  • Can be used both in oxygen-rich and oxygen-depleted environments.
  • Can be used in conjunction with other technologies.
  • Passive Remedy – does not generate significant waste, as with dredging, digging and hauling or boom, suck and truck.
  • Usually applied by sprayer and does not disrupt the site further by the use of heavy land moving equipment or destruction of surrounding areas such as trees, plant life, farm soils, or water sources such as ponds, streams, or inhabited areas.

Ability to customize microbial bioremediation to perfectly fit the problem.

  • No reliance on brute force techniques such as shocking the system with oxygen or attempting to attack the contamination with a single microbe, techniques which do not address nature’s intricate web of breakdown products and dynamic oxygen, temperature or saturation settings.
  • Only technology known to incorporate a complete, self-sustaining micro-ecosystem onto the job site.
  • Specially formulated microbial consortium is matched to the soil and water chemistries so that no imbalance of nutrients can occur that would lead to artificial alteration of the existing natural environmental systems.

Does not stress existing system the way forcing chemicals or other bio-augmentation “one hit wonder” or “magic bullet” products into an ecological setting would do:

  • Microbial consortium is a complete ecosystem that provides support for the natural microbes to live in and thrive, in order to cleanup the COCs and then maintain the clean environment. It takes a combination of many microbes to produce the desired long lasting results in a short period of time, not just one or two.

The Other Guys

  • Bio-augmentation or “Biostim” involves spreading a “Magic Microbe” or genetically engineered “Silver Bullet” or “Phu-Phu” dust and fertilizer on the land, beach or spill area and is supposed to stimulate the natural microbes to survive an alien environment long enough to produce results, often requiring many subsequent applications.
  • Surfactants, anti-bacterial chemicals much like home detergents, kill off any periphery microbes that had adapted to the environment and prevent them from degrading the oil. The soap can also stay in the system and be taken up into the water supply.
  • Soil Vapor Extraction is a very expensive process involving a great deal of machinery, materials and manpower.
  • Oil/water separators are expensive collators that only skim the oil off the top of the water and cannot extract the new oils, additives and MTBE that sink and mix through the entire water column causing damage to the ecosystem below the surface.