Articles & Publications

Articles & Publications


The following articles were written Jo Davison, Research Director for LBSI (Alpha Omega's predecessor company) covering various aspects of microbial bioremediation in a variety of settings - aquatic ecosystems, bogs, swamps, wetlands, industrial sites, mine sites, brownfields, etc. with a combination of unique and universal issues such as pH balance, phosphates, sulfur, nitrogen, etc.

  1. The Microbial Nitrogen Cycles
  2. Bioremediation: Taking the Microbes Perspective
  3. Bio-Carb and Wetlands - 1991
  4. Desulfurization of Slurry Coal Fines - 1987


Various publications over the past several years have highlighted the use of Alpha Omega's technology in a wide variety of settings covering the gambit of contaminants of concern from algal blooms to eutrophication issues and heavy metal contamination, from acid mine drainage and heavy metal, to hydrocarbons, chemicals, and pesticides.

  1. The World and I, "Microbes in the Pits," by Jo Davison, (2004) (acid mine drainage).
  2. Chapter used as a textbook at West Virginia University’s Micro-environmental studies program: Davison, Jo. "Successful Acid Mine Drainage and Heavy Metal Site Bioremediation." Constructed Wetlands for Water Quality Improvement. 1993.
  3. Environmental Protection, "Tee Off and Batter Up!" by Jo Davison and Cheryl Van Vorce, 1997 (regarding Jacobs Field for the Cleveland Indians baseball team and Portland Country Club in Falmouth, Maine to restore the ecosystem of a 5-acre pond area on the golf course (deemed a wildlife and natural bird sanctuary by Audubon Society in 1995))
  4. Business Today, Columbus Dispatch, "Grounds Crew" by Scott Powers, 1994; (regarding the Cleveland Indians Jacobs Field in 1992,removing hazardous waste leaking from storage tanks under the field, without destroying the baseball field.)
  5. Environmental Protection, "Winning the Race Against Time" by Jo Davison, Katy Makeig and Kurt Suometa, 2001.
  6. Remediation of Acid Mine Drainage, Case Studies from Alpha Omega, The Smart Group, August 2014