Listed below are examples of the types of jobs in a variety of different settings - all contain a mixture of contaminants of concern (COCs) that Alpha Omega has treated with success for the past 30 years. While each site had target COCs, sites usually contain a mixture of heavy metals, chemicals, pesticides, fertilizers, hydrocarbons, etc. Each job can be treated as a whole, rather than breaking down and treating each individual category separately, speeding up the clean up process and final regulatory closure.

Blue Green Algae - manmade lake (eutrophication)

Country Club - ponds (heavy metals, chemicals, pesticides, eutrophication, pH)

BTEX Groundwater (fuel spill & storage tanks)

Facility Summary Report (PAHs) (“sick” building)

Kentucky (TPH, PAH) (above and below ground storage tanks/impacted soil & groundwater)

Michigan (BTEX) (groundwater)

Midwest 2 (TPH, BTEX, PAH’s) (Leaking underground storage tanks)

Mahoning River Study (river beds and banks – PCBS, mixed industrial run-off)

PA Study (PCBS, PAHs, heavy metals, etc.) (manufacturing facility drainage ditch)

Raw Mine Drainage – (Acid mine drainage, pH, Heavy metals) (coal mines)

Sports Stadium (Hydrocarbons, TPH, BTEX) (underground fuel storage tanks)

Wastewater Treatment Plant (Hydrogen sulfide gas, pH, petroleum byproducts)